A day on the job

8.45 AM: You open your computer and check what new requests have come in. Some of the requests are easy to analyse so you decide to do that first. This way the customer has time to approve the budget.

9.15 AM: You prepare the client meeting you have planned for this morning. You go through the configurations you provided and make sure you have all the information at hand.

10.15 AM: Much deserved coffee break!

10.30 AM: You have a meeting with the client to discuss the requested changes. After the meeting, you send the client a recap to make sure you are both aligned.

Noon: Lunch time!

1 PM: Every week, you perform customized configuration tasks for a particular client, adhering to the agreements made between you and the client. It seems harder than expected so you decide to ask a colleague for help.

2PM: There is a question coming in from another team to help out during a project implementation phase, you check your resource planning to see if you can help out.

2.15 PM: You work on an request for which a client has approved the budget, the first check is whether all your questions have been answered by the client. If so, you can implement the request. But if some questions are unanswered, you call the customer to clarify.

3 PM: You align on the solution you made for the customer, documentation is key so you can describe how the solution works.

4 PM: Last meeting of the day! It’s the bi-weekly 1-2-1 with your manager. She asks you how you are doing and if there’s something you need help with.

Who are our clients?

They’re a diverse audience which can range from corporate offices and schools to hospitals and public institutions. You will be the spoc of your clients for all project related questions.

You are frequently in touch with your client to make sure that the solution that you’re implementing, is actually an answer to their problems. You validate whether they understand how our software works and provide the documentation needed.

What about the team?

You will report to Wendy Versteegh, our Manager Managed Services. Wendy is a true people person and has exceptional communication skills and empathetic nature. She effortlessly connects with her team and has always an eye for their well-being and their satisfaction. While she expects high quality standards of her team, she is not only there to hold them accountable but also to provide guidance and support.

You will work in an international team of implementation consultants and project managers. Implementation consultants focus on the technical delivery of the project, just like you. The project managers are in charge of overall communication and coordination of the project.

Next to that you collaborate with our project managers to check how you’re doing on schedule, budget and scope of the project. You reach out to product managers to discuss about certain features a client wants to add to the solution. You align with the sales teams on what has been agreed with the client at the start of the project. You inform our finance department about how many hours you have worked for which client.

Could this be you?

  • You are a good communicator, as a result you are able to help our clients to put in place solutions from a consulting point of view. You do so by analysing processes and systems they already have in place. You define, carry out and document the steps to implement our solutions.
  • You have a knack for technology. Moreover, you want to know more about how we make our SaaS offering work with the existing systems of the client. You love diving into the technicalities of software solutions but you don’t have the ambition to become a programmer.
  • You have just obtained your degree in IT or in Facility Management
  • You are a people person. Communication is the name of the game! You enjoy being part of a team and contributing by sharing the information you come across.
  • You speak Dutch and English fluently.
  • You have to have a sense of responsibility and ownership, so that you know when to escalate (potential) issues. However, we also count on your creative thinking to identify solutions beforehand.

Even if you don’t fit all the boxes, don’t hesitate to apply if you think you could make an impact in this role!

How do we make this a win-win?

  • You get to be a part of an innovative, dynamic and warm team of colleagues with different backgrounds and reference frameworks. Your colleagues understand your challenges, will help you along the way and appreciate your hard work.
  • You have to keep your head cool. You are working on multiple projects at the same time, switching between different clients within the same day.
  • Spacewell promises continuous impact combined with an energetic workplace.
  • It is our mission to optimize building performances and improve the quality of life by delivering innovative software solutions on an international scale.
  • We strive to have a wider impact as an organization by being bold and ambitious. Next to that, all of our tools are linked to insights based on real data.
  • Next to the flexible work hours and remote working possibilities, you will get a salary and fringe benefits in line with your experience.

What would next steps look like?

  1. You reach out to our recruitment team to send in your CV or to ask some further questions.
  2. You will be invited for a digital cup of coffee.
  3. Depending on locations and schedules, you will meet up with Cornel at our offices or virtually. If you meet at the office, we will try to schedule a meeting with some team members at the same time.